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Constance Winifred Savery (1897-1999)
She Never Stopped Writing

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If you were looking for information about Constance Savery and her work, you have come to the right place. Her titles include books, short stories, articles, and verse, as well as serials, biographies, services of song, and a play. She also left a work diary, letters, and boxes of unpublished manuscripts. Titles of works by Savery are given in bold italics, and an underlined title will take you to the annotation. Titles by other authors are in italics. If underlined, they will also take you to an annotation. To aid in establishing chronology, the dates of original publications are in boldface.

A biography of Savery is available. It is entitled Another Lady, and it is available as a Kindle eBook. To find it, type "Schonblom" in the search box at http://www.amazon.com/.

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Froxfield Vicarage Poem by Savery CLASSMATE Serial Three biographies
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