Updated May 26, 2022

Buckhorn Lake Area Church

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Member of Presbytery of Transylvania

KY Hwy 28 and
Buckhorn Lane
P. O. Box 93
Buckhorn, KY 41721

(606) 398-7382

Ministers: All of the people

Tom and Gayle Burns

The "Log Cathedral"

This is our building. We are the church!

First things first...

Please join us on Sunday morning:

10:00 —
Worship service in the sanctuary on Buckhorn Lane. There is no air conditioning in the sanctuary, so on very hot mornings, we may worship next door in the Community Building. Our services are carried live on Facebook and are recorded for later viewing.

About 10:45 a.m.—
Sunday School in the Community Building.

The mission of our church is to keep faith

  • Our congregation keeps faith in three ways:

  • First, we possess and retain faith in Jesus Christ, who is Lord of the Church and savior of its individual members.

  • Second, we keep "the faith" preserving through successive generations those truth that come to us through the grace of the Holy Spirit as we read scripture, study our confessions, teach our children, and gather in Christ's name to seek his will for us.

  • Finally, we keep faith with those who have gone before us, beginning with Stephen and other martyrs of antiquity, but looking with special love and veneration to those who preceded us here in eastern Kentucky, carrying God's word to scattered settlers, gathering congregations into public witness, and building schools and cooperative communities before government subsidies existed. The Buckhorn School, Buckhorn Medical Clinic, and the Buckhorn Children & Family Services have their roots in our church, and we retain special obligations to all three.