Constance Savery: Work Diaries CWS"

Savery's Work Diaries

After Christmas in 1929 Savery was given an empty sturdily bound manuscript book in which she recorded information about Suffolk, family history, and--eventually--thousands of entries about what she was writing, had completed, or sold. This book, the fair copy that she wrote out by hand in 1973 for the Knight Library at the University of Oregon, and the digital facsimile edition of the original diary that I prepared in 2006, are the primary references about her work. She also kept a record of manuscript submissions and acceptances in four small memorandum books, and these are invaluable in tracing, especially, her unpublished works. These work records, together with a log book containing an accounting of income from her writing, are in the manuscript collection at the Knight Library, University of Oregon. Two of the digital facsimiles are in private hands, and there is a copy in the de Grummond Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi as well as the one in Oregon. The memorandum books were also scanned and indexed.

Original Work Diary, Fair Copy, and Memorandum Books:

Original Diary Fair Copy Green Memo Book Tan and Blue Books Red Memo Book

Facsimile, with annotation of contents:

Work Notes, 1905-1929

Work Notes, 1930-1939

Work Notes, 1940-1949

Work Notes, 1950-1959

Work Notes, 1960-1969

Work Notes, 1970-1973

List of Published Work

Notes about Suffolk

Savery Family

Other Appendices

Facsimile Description