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Letters of Constance Savery

Constance Savery wrote many letters, both professionally and privately, including more than two hundred and fifty to Agneta Thomson, who began as an admirer of Green Emeralds for the King and became a very frequent correspondent during Savery's last decade. Their friendship was conducted almost exclusively by mail, and their letters are in the manuscript collection at the Knight Library at the University of Oregon. Savery also retained over three hundred letters from her editors and publishers. These are identified below by their logo or letterhead, and there is a brief annotation of the more interesting ones. Old blurred photo of sisters Collected under "Other Publishers" is a miscellany of fifty-three letters from seventeen other sources. Mary Walsh, Savery's agent in the United States, is listed independently. The original business letters are in the Knight Library. About two dozen letters pertaining to current copyrights are retained by Jeremy D. Hummerstone, Savery's literary heir.

The family correspondence is more voluminous yet and is available in digital format from the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi. I transcribed all of these in preparation for my biography of Savery's life, Another Lady, which is available as a Kindle eBook. To find it, type "Schonblom" in the search box at A few letters that contain comments about her books are listed to the left under Family Letters. The list is not exhaustive.

As a privileged biographer, I was fortunate to have access to many letters addressed to Savery. I was not so fortunate as to have anything like as many written by her. She kept the letters she received, but often never saw again those she mailed to someone else. Happily, the other sisters, particularly Christine, retained the letters she sent to them, and, as the last surviving sister, Constance reacquired her own letters after their deaths. In addition to her letters are thousands written by her parents, family friends, classmates, and total strangers!

Mr. Hummerstone has donated the Savery correspondence to the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection at the McCain Library, The University of Southern Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Included with the actual letters are my transcripts, about 3,000 in all, together with transcripts of about 8,000 diary pages. Mr. Hummerstone retains the family diaries and journals. The diary pages are often very short, consisting, for example, of a name followed by an "X", indicating that a letter had been mailed to that person on that date. Constance did not keep a personal diary.


Mary Walsh

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