Other Letters from Publishers CWS

Letters to and from other publishers

The publishers are listed in alphabetical order.

The American Red Cross, National Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 19 Sep 36. Re: JUNIOR RED CROSS NEWS; accepting The Sun, Moon, and Stars Clock.

Arrival Press, 1-2 Wainman Road, Woodston, Peterborough. 27 Sep 93. Re: "Follow the Star"; accepted Cold Blew the Storm Wind.

Bethlehem Books, 15605 County Road 15, Minto, ND 58261. 28 Nov 98. Re: Reb and the Redcoats, Enemy Brothers.

This long, personal letter may have been Savery's last business correspondence. She was 101 years old. The beginning of the excerpt is from the middle of the letter and is not a formal salutation:
Dear Miss Savery, we will try to stay in better contact. My son Peter will probably be the one who will write to you next. Again, I am sorry that our publishing schedule is slower than we had hoped. We thank you for your patience and please be assured of our prayers for you.

Blackie & Son Ltd, 17 Stanhope St., Glasgow. 22 Aug 38. Re: Offers £6: 5: - each for A Lesson on the Virginals and The Oranjorica Treasure.

--- Ibid. 11 Aug 39. Re: Purchase of The Polite Letter-Writer for 4£.

Blandford Press Ltd., 16 West Central St, London. 8 June 55. Re: Liked Another Blue Day, but too fanciful and "blue" analogy carried too far.

The Bodley Head Ltd, 10 Earlham St., Cambridge Circle, London. 4 Jun 62. Re: "Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted Houseful;" wish to include The Wastwych Secret.

--- Ibid. 6 Jun 62. Re: "Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted Houseful"; acknowledgment of permission; cf. ibid, 4 Jun 62.

To The Bodley Head, 9 Bow St., London. 29 Oct 69. Re: Suggests publication of Savery short stories with a list of twenty possibilities.

[Paul Hamlyn's] Books for Pleasure, Spring House, Spring Place, London. 6 May 59. Re: Purchase of The Scotch Society, Hobby by Proxy; One Crowded Hour, The School Sampler, and One Leaf on the Track for publication in an annual; question about rights.

--- Ibid. 25 May 59. Re: Acknowledgment that rights, cf. 6 May 59, are in order.

--- Ibid. 20 Feb 61. Re: Offer for all rights to Lindy Lou and the Moon Children, Mink, Puffball and Spoon, Mink and his House, The Fairy Shoe Shop, and The Magic Cupboard.

British Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting House, London,1934. Re: Remittance of 3 guineas for The Little Dragon.

--- Ibid. 22 Jun 37. Re: Return of two 'Clockshop' stories and six 'Little Dragon' stories of which microphone copies have been made.

The Christian Herald Company, Limited, 6 Tudor St., London. 3 Oct 46. Re: The Double Daisies may be included in a proposed collection if due acknowledgment is made.

Christian Literature Crusade 6 Feb 47. Re: Return of Spinner's Harvest with guidelines for future submissions.

This story was never published. It went through several name changes, beginning with Spinner's Harvest Festival and ending with God's Own Field.

James Clarke & Co. Ltd., 7 All Saints Passage, Cambridge. 5 Dec 84. Re: Will be perfectly happy to send copies of titles (none at present) being translated into foreign languages.

Collins Publishers, 14 St. James Place, London. 27 Apr 66. Re: Articles in Attic Bookshelf are too short. What about writing an introduction for one, Little Charlie's Life, say, and we'll publish it.

To Collins Publishers, Ibid. 30 Apr 66. Re: Would be delighted to write introduction for Little Charlie's Life; am lending you a copy.

David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Illinois. 1 Sep 45. Re: Will be editing Cook Story Papers, BOY'S WORLD, GIRL'S COMPANION, WHAT TO DO, and YOUNG PEOPLE'S WEEKLY; looking for stories with "a more aggressive statement of...Christian living."

--- Ibid. 19 Dec 45. Re: Glad to hear from you; pattern of papers to remain the same, but content to change radically.

--- Ibid. 11 Apr 46. Re: Article about Guy Bullen is too literary and British for rural American readers, to whom Bullen is unknown. Will use the poem Onward.

NOTE: For CROSSROAD magazine, see St. Mary's Church, Becontree.

Dean & Son, Ltd., Debrett House, 41/43, Ludgate Hill, London. 11 Aug 39. Re: Will keep Thomas's Green Tent; have you a word count?

--- Ibid., 61, High Path, Merton, London. 12 Dec 45. Offers repurchase of five stories for American rights; needn't pay unless sold.

--- Ibid., The Old Rectory, Lamyatt, Nr. Evercreech, Som. "for the duration," 29 Apr 42. Re: Looking for 2,000-word stories; "don't mention the war."

J M Dent & Sons Ltd, 33 Welbeck St., London. 23 Feb 82. Re: Forwards three copies of the American edition of Emma.

NOTE: For Edinburgh House Press, see Eagle Books.

To Eyre-Methuen, 11 New Fetter Lane, London. 5 Feb 85. Re: Submission of Come Choose Ye East with references.

FAIRYLAND TALES, John Leng & Co. Ltd, 186 Fleet St, London. 14 Nov 36. Re: Acceptance of Pat's Birthday Present [A Doll and an Engine] and Sandy the Burglar.

NOTE: For Foreign Missions Conference, see A. D. Moore below.

THE GIRL'S OWN PAPER, 4, Bouverie St., London. 17 Jun 38. Re: Acceptance of Ah, Did You Once.

THE GUIDE, 17/19 Buckingham Palace Road, London. 13 Mar 33. Re: Acceptance of Black Pansies.

NOTE: For Philip E. Howard, Jr., see THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES.

NOTE: For Humphrey Milford, see Oxford University Press.

NOTE: For The Junior Literary Guild, see Longmans, Green & Co.

NOTE: For Kemsley Newspapers Ltd. see Allied Newspapers above.

Alfred H. King, Inc., 8 West 40th St., New York 17 Apr 30. Re: Return of Pippin's House: "There is an insistent and continuous fragrance, a simple charm; but this is not enough.

To LIFE OF FAITH, 118 Baker St., London. 12 Aug 76. Re: Refuses payment for I Too Was a Reward-Writer (sic); mention of family members who enjoy the periodical.

David McKay Company, Inc., 750 Third Avenue, New York. 25 Sep 69. Re: Longmans, Green line acquired by McKay. Please address The Charming Companion for my attention.

THE MERRY-GO-ROUND, Islip, Oxon. 11 Aug 31. Re: Would like to use Great-Grandmother's Pansy Spoons, but magazine is privately printed and cannot afford to pay contributors at this time.

METHODIST RECORDER, 161, Fleet Street, London. 1 Apr 31. Re: Remittance for Stair After Golden Skyward Stair.

NOTE: For Humphrey Milford, see Oxford University Press.

Alfred Douglas Moore, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York. Summer '45? Re: Explains work of Foreign Missions Conference and its Literary and Literature Committee and mentions expected visitors.

To Ministry of Information, Russell Square House, Russell Square, London. 27 Jan 44. Re: Would Ministry have any interest in publishing Enemy Brothers? Background provided.

--- ibid. 23 Jan 46? Re: Provides information about "Eagle" biographies, news of Foreign Missions Conference.

Thomas Nelson and Sons, Parkside Works, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh. 10 Feb 28. Re: Acceptance of Nicolas Chooses White May. Savery's first sale of a book-length manuscript.

--- ibid., 15 & 16 Paternoster Row, London. 22 Jul 37. Re: "Introduction to Izaak Walton" placed fourth and did not win prize; may we retain it for our next publication by Walton?

--- ibid., 3 Henrietta St, London. 13 Oct 52. Re: Returning stories; our Travellers say they cannot sell books of short stories. Reminiscence follows:

I have always admired your work very much indeed, and would like to publish it. There would be a pleasant continuity about the process: I was with Lutterworth a couple of years ago and set in motion a book of yours for them [probably Redhead at School]. And, further back, there was a year when Gunby Hadath and I wrote nearly the whole of "The Oxford Annual for Girls" between us, under an assortment of feminine pseudonyms: I think the only genuine woman contributor to the volume was Constance Savery.
I have perused all the "Oxford Annuals for Girls" with Savery stories, and there is at least one woman contributor to each besides Savery.

Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex. 5 Nov 68. Re: No children's market for paperback editions of older books such as Pippin's House, Flight to Freedom, Enemy Brothers, Dark House on the Moss, and Green Emeralds for the King. Thank you for sending them to us for review.

South American Missionary Society, 157 Waterloo Road, London. 23 Jul ? Re: Acknowledges letters and gift of stamps; summarizes activities.

STORY PARADE, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York. 21 Sep 49. Re: Purchase of The Orange.

--- ibid.. 20 Oct 49. Re:With color illustrations, will change names of elves to "Redcap" and "Bluecap." Hope to have more contributions. SUNDAY AT HOME AND OVERSEA, 4 Bouverie St., London. 13 Nov 39. Re: Like the suggestion of I Must Read them Again series beginning with The Wide, Wide World; suggest writing articles for other books sold by SUNDAY AT HOME AND OVERSEA (list of a dozen attached).

To --- ibid. undated. Re: Glad article on The Wide, Wide World has met your approval. Suggest these to follow: Mrs. O. F. Walton's Peep behind the Scenes, Frank T. Bullen's Creatures of the Sea, Mrs. Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, Louisa Alcott's Little Women, Pilgrim's Progress, Talbot Baines Reed...

--- ibid. 29 Dec 39. Re: Like the six articles, but need one or two from other publishers; like you to do The Lamplighter.

NOTE: For SUNDAY CIRCLE, see Amalgamated Press

THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES, Heid Building, 325 North Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia. 9 Jun 48. Re: An extended quotation from Philip E. Howard's Sunday Schools the World Around describing Lilias Trotter's mission in Algiers; later incorporated into the Savery biography of Trotter, Always a Tramp. On the reverse is a scribbled draft of lines appearing on pp 31-32 of her manuscript.

United Church of Canada, Sunday School Publications, 299 Queen St. West, Toronto. 19 Oct 51. Re: Transmittal form; $15.00 for Frost Flowers.

NOTE: For United Council for Missionary, see Eagle Books.

Samuel M. Zwemer, Thirty Three Fifth Avenue, New York. <11 Jun 48>. Re: Yes, interest in Lilias Trotter was increased by Romanic voyage; Trotter's other works were known in American (gives references).