Letters to and from Woman's Magazine CWS

Letters to and from WOMAN'S MAGAZINE

WOMAN'S MAGAZINE, 4, Bouverie Street, London. 13 Nov 34. Re: Offer for copyright of A Dancer Merry.

--- ibid. 12 Nov 37. Re: Pleased to retain The Tea-Party.

--- ibid. 20 Oct 39. Re: Pleased by idea of two-part story of 4-5,000 words; interested in period story, also

--- ibid. 11 Jan 40. Re: Looking forward to serial and wish Harrap did not have first rights for book version; would like to have both Miss Marigold's Love Letter and Ladders to Heaven.

To --- ibid. Handwritten draft on letter above, 18 Jan 40. Re: Am submitting first five chapters of serial, The Ice King [Silver Whistle]; must show to Harrap; will ask if they will be needing my manuscripts under present circumstances; pleased you are taking Miss Marigold's Love Letter and Ladders to Heaven.

--- ibid. 16 Jan 40. Re: Like beginning of The Ice King, but if father will not be playing a larger role, the title is misleading; please advise. Harrap?

To --- ibid. Handwritten draft on letter above, January 40. Re: Offer for short pieces is satisfactory; forwarding additional chapters of serial.

--- ibid. 25 Jan 40. Re: Appreciate synopsis and additional chapters; recommend title change. Harrap?

To --- ibid. 10 Feb 40. Re: Harrap has no objections.

--- ibid. 12 Feb 40. Re: Considering your proposal for book rights.

--- ibid. 28 Feb 40. Re: Need to get serial into print; have excellent illustrations; propose interim contract.

To --- ibid. Handwritten draft on above letter, 12 Feb 40. Re: Serial nearly completed; interim contract satisfactory; possible titles: Felicity's Son, Silver Whistle, Ivo Kingslake, "Under Which King?"

--- ibid. 4 Mar 40. Re: Prefer Silver Whistle; glad to see complete book shortly.

--- ibid. 19 Mar 40. Re: Have passed book manuscript for Silver Whistle on to the appropriate people; out of my hands now.

--- ibid. 16 May 40. Re: Paper shortage is reducing magazine size; may we reduce serial installments from 6,000 to 4,000 words with a corresponding reduction in compensation?

To --- ibid.. Typed, overwritten draft; 16 May 40. Re: Difficult to cut so much; prefer to do it myself, but wartime communication is a problem. Presume that if serial is cut, the eventual book will not be.

--- ibid. 20 May 40. Re: We are undertaking the cuts and hope the proofs will meet with your approval.

NOTE: WOMAN'S MAGAZINE published a Lutterworth serial and several shorter works. The 4, Bouverie Street address also housed THE GIRL'S OWN PAPER, the Lutterworth Press, and SUNDAY AT HOME AND OVERSEA, all of whom accepted work by Savery.