Letters to and from the Methodist Church (U.S.) CWS

Letters to and from the Methodist Church (U.S.)

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The Methodist Church [Board of Education], 810 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee. 28 May 43. Re: Pleased to be able to use Enemy Brothers in CLASSMATE; please submit other stories.

To ibid. 8 Jul 43. Re: Would appreciate copies of CLASSMATE, other publications; very glad Enemy Brothers is being serialized.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 21 Jul 43. Re: Copy of CLASSMATE and BOYS TODAY enclosed; P.S. ...need stories for latter.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 10 Sep 43. Re: Copy of Chap. 1 of Enemy Brothers with Henry Pitz' illustrations. "My Constance (15) has read book twice and given it once as present."

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 13 Dec 43. Re: Two stories, Splash and Rescue Under Fire received.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 15 Dec 43. Re: Will use both Splash and Rescue Under Fire.

--- ibid. [GIRLS TODAY]. 27 Jan 44. Re: GIRLS TODAY would like short story set in Germany portraying a family realistically and sympathetically without propagandizing; similar to chapter in Enemy Brothers.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 30 Mar 44. Re: Anticipating stories for BOYS TODAY; will save Enemy Brothers illustrations by Pitz for possible future use; Vera Brittain condemning demolition bombing.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 6 Apr 44, handwritten. Re: Solicits article about Coventry Cathedral.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 14 Jun 44. Re: Accepts three unnamed manuscripts, returns Partners [Tom Tiddler's Ground] for revision; includes handwritten postscript:

By the way -- what is England thinking of the frank and open shift of Churchill and Roosevelt from the Atlantic Charter to power politics?

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 13 Nov 44. Re: Able to use your plans and photos with Coventry article [Experiment in Co-Operation]; will review Tom Tiddler's Ground; "bad luck to the V2's and God speed the end of such devices."

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 31 Jan 45. Re: "What a conscience you have! Intended to pay more for pictures; look forward to 'book' article. When is next long story to be?

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 9 Apr 45. Re: Acknowledging Silver Whistle; good fortune with new book.

--- ibid. [CLASSMATE]. 30 May 45. Re: Editor leaving Board of Education for Foreign Missions Conference; "alas" says Savery's work diary.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 31 May 45. Re: Information concerning changes in responsibility following resignation of editor.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 19 Jul 45. Re: Will use Butterscotch Pie in GIRLS TODAY.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 21 Sep 45. Re: Will use Glory de George in CLASSMATE.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 21 Mar 46. Re: Anything for CLASSMATE? Shouldn't be "preachy"; what happened to serial?

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 2 Apr 46. Re: Received Silver Whistle.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 12 Apr 46. Re: Will use Silver Whistle; do you think WOMAN'S MAGAZINE will release Canadian serial rights? Will also use Book by Fifty Authors.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 8 May 46. Re: We sold Dark Trees to United Church of Canada and no one complained; an article on American books in English homes might be usable.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 28 May 46. Re: Will use both One Leaf on the Track and The Scotch Society.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 18 Jun 46. Re: WOMAN'S MAGAZINE does not own Canadian serial rights to Silver Whistle.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 10 Apr 47. Re: Will use Hobby by Proxy, but not Mad Max Madd in GIRL'S TODAY.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 4 Dec 47. Re: Will use The Crab-Stall Artists in GIRLS TODAY.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 18 Aug 48. Re: Will use both Jacintha at College and The School Museum.

--- ibid. [Methodist Publishing House]. 7 Jan 49. Re: Please send a biographical sketch for use in THE ISPESCOPE, monthly newsletter of Illustrated Story Paper Section of International Council of Religious Education.

To --- ibid. [ISPESCOPE]. 14 Feb 49. Re: Autobiographical sketch, details of which are contained in Savery's Life.

--- ibid. [Methodist Publishing House]. 1 Mar 49. Re: ISPESCOPE submission entirely satisfactory; Yes, Dr. Wright was at Oxford when you were.

--- ibid. [Methodist Publishing House]. 21 Jun 49. Re: Have been holding your photo to use with review of your next publication.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 2 Aug 49. Re: "Where Diotis Grows and The School Sampler are not the sort of thing to appeal to American readers..." [GIRLS TODAY]

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 2 Aug 49. Re: Returning Sally Goes House-Hunting, but will use Orange Flowers [PICTURES AND STORIES], but not sure when.

--- ibid. [Methodist Publishing House]. 7 Sep 49. Re: Sending ten copies of ISPESCOPE with your picture; need more, ask.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 14 Mar 50. Re: Interested in article about British youth Festival next year.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 23 Apr 52. Re: Serial schedule too full to use Monster of Loch Grea; have you anything shorter?.

--- ibid. [Board of Education]. 24 Nov 52. Re: Will use Character for Patsy [TWELVE | FIFTEEN].

NOTE: The Methodist Church (U.S.) published a great many stories and articles by Savery in their several publications. Despite a variety of letterheads, which I will identify [in brackets], the Methodist correspondence is all listed together. I have placed "U.S." in parentheses, because Savery also wrote 24 essays for METHODIST MAGAZINE in the United Kingdom. Savery did not retain her correspondence with the latter.