Letters to and from Hutchinson & Co. CWS

Letters to and from Hutchinson & Co.

Hutchinson & Co., 34-5-6 Paternoster Row, London. 21 Sep 34. Re: Returns Fairy Order, The Twins and the Peppermill, and The Awful Room; retains The Head Mistress's Hat.

--- Ibid. 25 Sep 34. Re: Pleased that terms for The Head Mistress's Hat are satisfactory; still considering To School through the Tunnel.

--- Ibid. 11 Oct 34. Re: Offers a guinea for To School through the Tunnel; she accepted.

To --- Ibid., 28 Jun 41. Re: Submits Silver Whistle for consideration.

NOTE: Hutchinson and Co. published three Savery stories in their annuals. The Twins and the Peppermill was never published, and the manuscript was discarded or lost.