Letters from George G. Harrap & Co. CWS

Letters from George G. Harrap & Co.

George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., 39-41 Parker St., Kingsway, London. 2 Jun 30. Re: Receipt of Pippin's House.

--- Ibid., 182 High Holborn, London. 30 Jan 40. Re: Apologies for delayed response.

--- Ibid. 6 Feb 40. Re: Permits full rights of The Ice King [The Silver Whistle] for serial use.

--- Ibid. 9 Feb 40. Re: Will be returning Pippin's House.

NOTE: George G. Harrap published Savery's first book, Forbidden Doors, and, later, what I consider her best book, Green Emeralds for the King. Harrap had refusal rights to some of Savery's work, and that is why there are references to books later published by someone else. An American edition of Pippin's House was published in 1941 by Longmans, Green.