Correspondence involving Eagle Books CWS

Letters concerning Eagle Books

United Council for Missionary Education, Edinburgh House, 2 Eaton Gate, London. 11 Dec 35. Re: Apologizes for mislaying manuscript for Seven Ivory Balls; any interest in submitting biographies of overseas heroes and heroines--missionaries or others--for publication in twopenny booklets? Offer is £5 for each copyright.

--- ibid. 6 Dec 35. Re: Glad you have copy of Seven Ivory Balls; regret you cannot submit a booklet before May or June; would you consider Mary Bird?

--- ibid. 7 Feb 36. Re: Believe a gathering of authors and editors would further our common objectives; could you attend London conference on March 26 or 27?

--- ibid. 26 Mar 36. Re: No letterhead; six-page summary of the results of the conference of authors and editors.

--- ibid. 22 Feb 41. Re: No letterhead, handwritten; sorry for delay (influenza...); could you come for tea on Thursday, 12th to meet Mrs. Kenneth?

--- ibid. 24 Sep 41. Re: Have only skimmed your story, which deserves more time; too sentimental? committee, not I, will decide.

--- ibid. 7 Nov 41. Re: Can't remember when committee liked a manuscript more, but... too many nicknames, Bird's inner struggle isn't captured, add something about painting? details about Iran require correction (suggestions) change title to She Went Alone? Recalling that we pay £5, will you submit another manuscript?

--- ibid. 17 Nov 41. Re: Thank you for letters of Nov. 11 and 14 with your revision. Committee looking at titles of all the booklets.

--- ibid. 28 Nov 41. Re: Can we use She Went Alone as the title, please. A prompt reply is needed.

--- ibid. 8 Dec 41. Re: Book has gone to printer and proofs of She Went Alone will arrive shortly. Biography of Lilias Trotter may be too like that of Mary Bird. Will be asking Guy Bullen's people if we may write about him.

--- ibid. 13 Jan 42. Re: Bishop Bullen's widow will permit us to try an "Eagle" book about her husband's life; she cannot assist, but her mother-in-law [address given] may. Will you consider this project?

To --- ibid. 16 Jan 42. Re: Will try to write an "Eagle" of Guy Bullen's life; have written to Mrs. Bullen (Senior) [copy attached]

--- ibid. 20 Jan 42. Re: Glad you will undertake Guy Bullen; C.M.S. suggests best source is Rev. Max Warren [address given]. Draft of reply on reverse offers thanks for any help from C.M.S.

To Max Warren, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Cambridge 26 Jan 42. Re: Writing biography of Guy Bullen; can you help?

United Council for Missionary Education, Edinburgh House, 2 Eaton Gate, London. 30 Jan 42. Re: Bishop Bullen was very uncommunicative; no useful documents outside the book Guy Bullen by "His Friends," which you have. Will be sending you copies of She Went Alone.

To --- ibid. undated draft on reverse of letter above. Re: Thank you for She Went Alone; Mrs. Bullen (Senior) kindly provided full information (not different from official biography); Rev. Warren prefers an interview after March 8. Cannot provide manuscript before April.

--- ibid. 18 Feb 42. Re: Do talk to Rev. Warren; take the time you need.

--- ibid. 29 Sep 42. Re: Remiss in replying; read your story weeks ago; friend of Guy Bullen liked it; have you shown it to Rev. Warren?

--- ibid. 13 Oct 42. Re: Forwards letter dated 8 Oct 42 from Rev. Warren that praises the story, asks for the omission of a line, and recommends a change in title; will write soon.

--- ibid. 6 Nov 42. Re: How much the committee enjoyed your pages, but it comes across as a 'period piece,' has appeal for adults, not teens, doesn't discuss reconciliation between missions and government, and dwells too long on his youth; your latest letter was too sentimental. Would you look at the notes on the attached copy, please? Shouldn't we send a draft to Dr. Bullen [Guy Bullen's wife]?

--- ibid. 16 Nov 42. Re: How good of you to tackle a revision.

--- ibid. 20 Mar 43. Re: Acknowledged receipt of your second draft but did not want to anticipate the committee...

We have taken up much of your time and strength, and if financial compensation is indicated I hope you will allow us to meet any small charge... I feel I could convey our reactions to this story far better in a talk with you, and it would be such a pleasure to meet you--but I don't suppose that is a practical proposition just now... for an "Eagle" story we must get a more robust presentation of this outstanding personality. Perhaps he was a particularly masculine type who can best be treated by a male writer? have written a charming memoir of a most attractive person, and I am exceedingly sorry that we do not feel able to include it in our "Eagle" series...

--- ibid. 24 Mar 43. Re: So nice of you to take our comments in this spirit and offer to submit another manuscript.

NOTE: United Council for Missionary Education published the Eagle Series of booklets celebrating the lives of missionaries. Savery submitted manuscripts for two biographies, one accepted and the other, after long correspondence, returned.