Letters to and from The Church Book Room Press CWS

Letters from The Church Book Room Press

Church Book Room Press, Ltd, Dean Wace House, 7, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, London. 4 Dec 46. Re: Publisher's Literature Committee likes the manuscript of The Jewel Children, but believes it needs a professional illustrator and will look for same.

--- Ibid. 11 Sep 47. Re: There is a holdup in The Jewel Children over the section on baptism. Read Bishop Guy Bullen with great interest, but must consult Max Warren about it.

To --- Ibid. 13 Sep 47. Re: Savery provides background for Bishop Guy Bullen and its potential market..

--- Ibid. 15 Sep 47. Re: Canon Warren should be home by month's end, so give us two or three more weeks

--- Ibid. 20 Oct 47. Re: Returning The Jewel Children because of problems with sections dealing with the sacraments, which are "not entirely consistent with the evangelical view." Canon Warren showed a keen interest in Bishop Guy Bullen.

--- Ibid. 27 Oct 47. Re: Acknowledges receipt of The Jewel Children with rewritten chapters; have not heard from Canon Warren.

--- Ibid. 13 Nov 47. Re: Proceeding with Bishop Guy Bullen on Canon Warren's recommendation; need photo; The Jewel Children remains under review.

To --- Ibid. 14 Nov 47. Re: Pleased with plans for Bishop Guy Bullen; suggests photo from Memoir and thinks Bullen's wife and mother should be allowed to read manuscript if either wishes.

--- Ibid. 18 Nov 47. Re: Will ask about photo and agrees that Bullen's wife should read biography.

--- Ibid. 24 Feb 48. Re: The Jewel Children returned again; too expensive to produce; sorry we took so long!

Mrs Guy Bullen, Morven Lodge, Lingfield, Surrey, 25 Feb 48. Re: In consultation with family, have made marginal corrections to Bishop Guy Bullen; Mrs. Bullen, Sr, has died; surprised by knowledge; did Savery have access to diaries, letters?

Church Book Room Press, Ibid. 27 Feb 48. Re: Omission of a long passage in Bishop Guy Bullen at Mrs. Bullen's request will affect pagination of booklet; please review and recommend.

--- Ibid. 5 May 48. Re: Glad you liked booklet, Bishop Guy Bullen; will send review copies to Journals you mention; others already mailed.

--- Ibid. 20 Jun 49. Re: Bishop Guy Bullen has not sold very well; will attend to a missing fee.

NOTE: The Church Book Room Press published a Savery biography.