Letters from The Christian Colportage Association CWS

Letters from The Christian Colportage Association

The Christian Colportage Assoc., The Corner House, Whitchurch Lane, Edgware, Middx. 6 Jun 47. Re: Apologizes for delays in printing Sir Dominic's Scapegrace; please expand Nicko's conversion from the present two words. Word "Daddy" is too repetitive toward end of story.

--- Ibid. 7 Oct 47. Re: Cover to Sir Dominic's Scapegrace presented for the author's inspection.

Agneta Thomson, Savery's regular correspondent during the 1990s, did not like the cover when she first saw it in 2005.

--- Ibid. 21 Oct 47. Re: Payment enclosed for Sir Dominic's Scapegrace, ten review copies to go to YOU AND I editor as requested.

--- Ibid. 29Oct 47. Re: Author's six copies of Sir Dominic's Scapegrace enclosed.

NOTE: The Christian Colportage Association published a Savery booklet for which she used the pseudonym Elizabeth Cloberry.