Letters to and from Brown, Son & Ferguson CWS

Letters to and from Brown, Son & Ferguson

Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd, 52-59 Darnley St., Glasgow. 22 Aug 29. Re: No change in the title of There was a Key is contemplated.

--- Ibid. 23 Jan 30. Re: Request to review cover design for There Was a Key.

--- Ibid. 31 Dec 37. Re: Sales statement of There Was a Key with royalty of 1/2.

--- Ibid. 19 Apr 38. Re: Sales of There Was a Key no longer justify preparing sales statements.

--- Ibid. 18 May 38. Re: Publisher declines to relinquish rights to There was a Key, but will part with 90 remaining bound and 1200 unbound copies at "a very low rate."

To --- Ibid. 10 Jan 46. Re: Since copies are no longer being sold, Savery asks for release of copyright of There Was a Key to her.

--- ibid. 6 Mar 46. Re: The Girl Guides Association will be selling your book at their sales depot.

NOTE: Brown, Son & Ferguson published a Savery collection of short stories.