Letters to and from the Birling Publishing Company CWS

Letters to and from The Birling Publishing Co.

The Birling Publishing Co., Office of YOU AND I, Hadleigh, Suffolk. 20 Oct 41. Re: Appreciation of serial Blue Fields, and hope that she is not being worried by enemy actions.

--- Ibid. 16 May 44. Re: Request for another serial like Blue Fields from editor and publisher, Dorothy Snow, a former schoolmate at King Edwards.

--- Ibid. 27 May 44. Re: Profuse personal thanks that Savery will write another serial; war setting all right if not too sad.

--- Ibid. 16 Sep 44. Re: Pleased to receive Up the Winding Staircase; personal chat.

--- Ibid. 12 Nov 47. Re: Sending requested letter of reference; likes Sir Dominic's Scapegrace; chat about wartime inconveniences.

NOTE: Birling published YOU AND I, in which a number of Savery serials appeared.