Letters from Allied Newspapers, Ltd. CWS

Letters from Allied Newspapers, Ltd. to Constance Savery

Allied Newspapers Limited, 200 Gray's Inn Road, London. 14 Nov 29. Re: "Joy Book" (1932); received The Orange and Hoopland.

--- Ibid. 19 Sep 33. Re: Accepting Puffball and Spoon, The Magic Garden; returning Pancake Corner.

--- Ibid.. 1 Sep 33. Re: "Happy Annual"; liked The Orange, Panty at the Market; asked for similar stories.

--- Ibid. 12 Jun 36. Re: Suspending publication of children's annuals.

--- Ibid., now Kemsley Newspapers Ltd., Kemsley House, London. 15 Jan 46. Re: No copyright interest in The Orange, The Magic Hoop, The Magic Garden.

NOTE: Allied Newspapers published two annuals in which Savery stories appeared: "The Happy Annual" and "The Joy Book."