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Pastors, Officers, and Committee Chairs


Co-Pastors: Gayle and Tom Burns


Jerry Combs'16-'181st term
Valerie Hamblin'15-'172nd term
Eric Schonblom'17-'17Last term*
Joy Stamper'18-'191st term*
Sue Thomas'16-'181st term
Mary Louise Tzanetos'15-'171st term
Polly Ann White'17-'192nd term


President of the Deacons:


Gladys Cain'17-'191st term
Bea Campbell'15-'171st term
Donna Neace'15-'172nd term
Angie Spicer'16-'181st term
Linda Ellen Stamper'16-'18 2nd term
Vida Wooton'17-'191st term


Building and Grounds: Jerry Combs
Fellowship: Mary Louise Tzanetos and Donna Neace
Spiritual Formation: Valerie Hamblin and Angie Spicer
Financial and Stewardship: Eric Schonblom and Linda Ellen Stamper
Mission: Polly Ann White and Bea Campbell


Clerk of Session: Eric Schonblom
Church Treasurer: Sue McIntosh
Asst. Treasurer: Mary Ann Sparks
Deaconate Treasurer:

* Eric will complete his sixth and last year as a member of the Session. Joy will complete the other two years of the '17-'19 class.