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Notes from the Pastors

May 1, 2022

This web page has been idle for too long, but is now active again. Look for a pastors' report every two months, following stated meetings of the session.
With the lifting of many of the restrtictions due to Covid, your pastors have been able to resume visitations to hospitals and nursing homes. Many of the meetings that we have been able to do only via an internet connection are now returning to in-person encounters. So, it seems that things are tryinf to return to some semblance of normal.

We are looking forward to hosting the Buckhorn High School graduation again this year, although the the recognition of the fifty-year alumnae/i will be different this year, since they will be recognized during a separate Baccalaureate worship service on Sunday, May 15th. The 8th grade graduation will follow on Monday. It will certainly be good to have the 8th grade and seniors graduate with a full program in the Log Cathedral.

Our recent visits to the hospital and nursing home proved to be uplifting for your pastors. We must admit to feeling a little rusty, since during the pandemic visits there were so restricted.

Your pastors have been working with the family of Edith Stamper in planning a memorial service for her on Saturday, June 18th, at 11:00 a.m.

We are pleased that our Wednesday evening fellowship group invited clients of the Buckhorn Children & Family Services to dinner this past month. We enjoyed seeing these ladies display their talents and abilities creating wreaths. We hope to invite them back again.

Respectfully submitted,    

Tom & Gayle