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The Buckhorn Lake Area Church and the World

The congregation at Buckhorn Lake Area Presbyterian Church has long been involved in mission work, not only here in Buckhorn but in areas around the world.

Our church was founded in mission. The Rev. Harvey Murdock came to Buckhorn as part of mission work that Dr. E. O. Guerrant began with his group, The Society of Soul Winners, back in the early 1900's. Rev. Murdock was instrumental in founding Witherspoon College in Buckhorn in 1903, which drew students from around Eastern Kentucky to Buckhorn to receive a quality education, and started many a boy or girl in successful careers, and a deeper relationship to God.

With many folks in our congregation who are retired educators, our traditional connections to Rev. Murdock's goals of bringing education, religion, (and baseball) to Buckhorn continue. Every spring the Buckhorn High School and Grade School conduct their graduation programs in the Log Cathedral.

Local mission has much to do with our relationship with, and support of, the Buckhorn Children & Family Services. Not only does our church encourage attendance by the children and Center Staff at worship, but, our pastors provide chaplaincy services to them as well. We remain sensitive to the different faith journeys that the children and staff are traveling, and the church's efforts appear to be well received by all.

Currently our church maintains a mission store that provides our community with low cost clothing and household items. Whenever families in the area suffer some disaster to their homes, or their lives are disrupted, the store is opened to them, free of charge, to receive items of their choosing to help them in some small way to get their lives back to normal.

For some time the Church has partnered with Dean Webber to provide food to families in our community. Food distribution occurred roughly bi-monthly, and forty to sixty families received food each time. Unfortunately, this program is drawing to a close, but we will seek new opportunities to serve.

Mission in our church is also centered on health care. Many in our congregation have worked long and hard to see that a viable and well staffed medical clinic serves the people in our community. With the focus of health care moving toward "wellness programs", some of our members have participated in health education programs like one that was recently conducted by the Kentucky School of Nursing. This program focused on gathering individual health histories and provided information on how diet and exercise impacts those persons who are at risk for diabetes or heart disease.

Our mission outreach also includes providing a destination point for churches that are seeking work group mission opportunities. Prior to the COVID epidemic, many mission groups have come to Buckhorn to work on projects either for the church or the Buckhorn Children & Family Services. We are looking forward to these mutually beneficial visits.

The Log Cathedral sits along Kentucky Route 28. This road is part of a route that bicyclists use to cross the United States. Riders from all over the world have the opportunity to use our facilities, to stop and rest, to take a tour of the church, or to shower and stay overnight.

The folks at the Log Cathedral have long contributed to the many mission programs of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA). These annual offerings support mission work, not only in this country, but to the people around the world. There are five such collections, the One Great Hour of Sharing for poor people worldwide, the Pentecost offering for youths at risk, a Peace Offering, the Joy Gift for retired ministers and minority colleges, and a hunger offering, for which members set aside a nickel a meal.

These are the programs of the Buckhorn Lake Area Church; however, our mission work is larger than what is accomplished through church programs, since the friends and members of the church are themselves active in loving service to the community as individuals and families. We ask that you join with us in prayer as we seek to answer God's call through worship, mission, service and restoration.