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Budget and Finances of the Buckhorn Lake Area Church

We projected a deficit of just under $19,000 in 2021. Our expenses, like yours and everyone else's, were expected to grow, while our income was expected to decline. That staggering deficit did not materialize. Despite the fact that for the first time in many years we had no significant support from other churches, we did have large contributions from outside donors, and we had another amazing auction. As a result, our eventual deficit was less than $1,000!

High waters took out the far end of the handicap ramp over the creek, but a generous contribution from Presbytery allowed us to make that repair. Further flood-reduction steps are planned for this spring.

The budget for 2022 follows. Once again, it looks unpromising. But God manages what humans find impossible. How might God bring our budget into balance? The answers are the same as they have been for some years. Thank you. Should you see Sue McIntosh, our volunteer treasurer, please thank her!
—Eric Schonblom, Finance Ministry

2022 Budget


Church Offertory$53,255 | Benevolences:
Loose offering2,100 |
Sunday schools300 | One Great Hour of Sharing$550
Gifts from churches400 | Pentecost offering650
Gifts from friends14,100 | Peacemaking offering300
Undesignated memorials4,000 | Joy Gift500
====== | Food Gifts / Hunger2,300
Offertory Total74,155 | Appeals (disasters, Quiet Fund)800
| Building (local donors)4,000
Special services500 | Building (others)1,000
Auction7,500 | Special collections300
Dinners1,050 | =====
Mission store1,500 | Designated Giving10,400
Candy, other sales1,500 |
===== | Interest on savings1,000
Special Activities12,050 |


Pastors' salary$28,464 | Worship supplies$350
Furnishings13,536 | Bulletins50
SS/MC contribution3,648 | Special services150
Deferred compensation7,680 | Music / choir150
Major medical / pension22,848 | Organ / pianos500
Continuing education1,846 | Sound system / other100
Utilities4,000 | =====
Travel / Other1,700 | Total Worship1,300
====== |
Total for pastoral services83,722 | Outreach 200
| Sunday school600
United mission giving2,400 | Community activity300
One Great Hour of Sharing550 | Fellowship500
Pentecost offering500 | Nursery50
Peacemaking offering300 | Transportation100
Joy Gift500 | Library50
Food gifts / hunger2,300 | Other100
Per capita assessment1,830 | =====
Special appeals (disasters...) 600 | Total Christian education1,900
Collections 440 |
Session disbursements1,200 | Postage, mailings150
===== | Office supplies / copies150
Total benevolences10,770 | Pulpit supply170
| Telephone1,200
Electricity5,000 | Wedding coordinator300
Insurance6,500 | =====
Custodians, salary2,500 | Total administration1,970
Cleaning, supplies200 |
Trash & water800 | Sales expenses80
Equipment & appliances1,000 | KY Sales tax350
Church maintenance3,500 | Other100
Manse maintenance2,250 | ====
Pest control / Other500 | Total Miscellaneous530
===== |
Total building & grounds22,250 |

$97,605 - $122,442 = -$24,837.

The church projects a budget deficit of almost twenty-five thousand dollars in 2022!
Since certain budgeted expenses, like transportation, are there only if needed, the actual deficit ought to be smaller. In 2021, unused budgeted espenses totalled about $18,000!

This page was updated on February 12, 2022.