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Red Memorandum Book

The need for the memorandum books is discussed elsewhere.

Savery began to record manuscript mailings in the red book about 1963 and continued with decreasing frequency up to 1990. She continued to use the previous record book, the blue one, on occasion. For example, she sent The Christian Weather-Birds to HOLLY BOUGH and CHRISTIAN HERALD in 1970, and the record of that mailing is in both the blue book and the red one. The last entry was a second submission of Jack Chelwood to the Peninsula Prize Committee in 1990. Earlier in the same year, she sent Come Choose You East unsuccessfully to André Deutsch. About three years later the Arrival Press printed two of her poems in two of their anthologies of "closet poets." She did not record her submissions to the Arrival Press in the red book.

As with the green, tan, and blue books, the red book is in the Knight Library at the University of Oregon. I also scanned and indexed the red book, reduced so that each page of the facsimile holds four pages from the original book. I have one of these facsimiles, and I donated another to the de Grummond Children's Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Here are the works and persons listed in the red memorandum book.

Publishers and periodicals are not listed. As an aid in identifying individual items, Savery titles are in bold italics, and other titles are in italics. When a title changed during the process of composition, when it was published, for a subsequent edition, or in translation, the other title is indented. The title in brackets is either the one under which it was first published, or, if unpublished, the author's final choice. Names are listed by surname, so William Bompas, for example, is listed under B as Bompas, William.
The Red Book

Anning, Mary
Attic Bookshelves
  [The Attic Book Shelf]
Bede, The Venerable
Blind Spinner, The
Bompas, William
Carroll, Lewis
Charming Companion
Christmas Weather-Birds, The
Church Uninteresting?
Come Choose You East
Curry--But No Jelabees!
(In the) City of Flowers
Dark House on the Moss
Don't Make Faces
Drifting Sands, The
Encyclopædia Britannica
Enemy Brothers

[Father of History, The]
The Venerable Bede
Gilly's Tower
[God's Arctic Adventurer]
William to the Rescue!]
Golden Cap, The
Grosseteste, Robert
Haggiston Hall
Himmelsbaum, Der
Irish Child's Dream, The
(Memoirs of) Jack Chelwood
Jewel Children, The
Joke, The
Jubilee Hymn
[Lavender's Tres]
Der Himmelsbaum
Little Dragon (Augustus)
Lewis Carroll

Meet Me at the Anchor
  [Monkey Puzzle Tree No King but Christ
Private History of a Napoleonic Chair
[Quicksilver (Chronicle)]
Quicksilver's Quest
Wyverne Chronicle, The
Reb and the Redcoats, The
Robert Grosseteste, ...People's Saint
Sapphire Ring, The
Savonarola's Children
  [(In) The City of Flowers]
Secret in a Cedarwood Box
Seven Sly Shrimps
Shining Necklace, The
Silver Angel, The
Silvergreen's Adventure
Story of Mary Anning...

  ...[Through the Bright Silences]
Strawberry Feast
Thistledown Tony
[Through the Bright Silences]
The Story of Mary Anning]
Venerable Bede, The
  [The Father of History]
Victorian Prizewinner
Violet for Christopher, A]
Violet Jacket
  or Violets of Arcadie
White Cat, Red (Black) Cushion
William to the Rescue!
  [God's Arctic Adventurer]
Winifred's Thought Book
Wives and Daughters
Wyverne Chronicle]
  [Quicksilver (Chronicle)]