Constance Savery:Tan and Blue Memorandum Books CWS

Tan and Blue Memorandum Books

The need for the memorandum books is discussed elsewhere.

From the first entries, it would appear that Savery began to record manuscript mailings in the tan book about 1952 and in the blue book about 1957. If a manuscript was first mailed to publishers before 1952 and those mailings are recorded in the green book, then future mailings of that manuscript, even after 1952, may continue in the green book if there is room there. For example, Savery began sending Always a Tramp to publishers on Jan. 17, 1951, as confirmed by an entry in the green book. The book was not sold, and when it was again submitted, to a different publisher in 1956, that entry is in the green book, although the tan book had been in use for four years. In 1957, she sent out Always a Tramp again, and this time she used the tan book, duplicating the 1956 entry there before adding the new one.

As with the green book, the original memoranda are in the Knight Library at the University of Oregon. I also provided them with an indexed digital facsimile, reduced so that each page of the facsimile holds four pages from the original book. I retained one of these facsimiles for my own use, and I donated another to the de Grummond Children's Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Here are the works and persons listed in the tan memorandum book followed by the contents of the blue book.

Publishers and periodicals are not listed. As an aid in identifying individual items, Savery titles are in bold italics, and other titles are in italics. When a title changed during the process of composition, when it was published, for a subsequent edition, or in translation, the other title is indented. The title in brackets is either the one under which it was first published, or, if unpublished, the author's final choice. Names are listed by surname, so Lilias S. Trotter, for example, is listed under T as Trotter, Lilias S.
The Tan Book

African Violet
Always a Tramp
Another Blue Day
Aunt Mandy's House]
Bible Coronations
Story of a Little Land
[Boy from Brittany]
Throne of the Lilies
Bunch of Flowers, A
Bunyan's Barn
Character for Patsy
Charlotte Yonge
Cherry-Tree Cottage
Coleridge, Sara
Conduct and Carriage in Society
Creatures of the Sea
Crimson Rose
Crocus Time in Bournemouth
Dearest Mrs. Delany
East Anglian Farmhouse
Edwardian Hospital
Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler
Fairy Cousins
Fanny Burney's Diary

Far above All
Female Fossilist
  [Through the Bright Silences]
[Five Wonders for Wyn]
Good Ship Red Lily
Grosseteste, Robert
Henry Vaughan
Holiday at Tawnysands, The
Household of Faith, The
I Must Read Them Again
In Friendship's Name
Izaak Walton ('s Lives)
Jack Chelwood (, Memoirs of)
The Joy Bells
The Lamplighter
Laurels Not Wholly Faded
Letters of Gold
[Little Charlie ('s Life)]
Little Charlie's Diary
Little Girl in Red
  [Welcome, Santza]
Little Women
Magic Hoop

Mary and the Monsters
Memoirs of Jack Chelwood
Monster of Loch Grea
My Lady Angela
Over Moonless Seas
Paul the Inventor
Peep behind the Scenes
Pilgrim's Progress, The
[Pleasaunce of Cockleshells]
Cockleshell Garden
Garden of Cockleshells
Poem by Three Authors
Rainbow Castle
Rambling Along
  [The Rector in Council]
Red Thorn, White Thorn
[Robert Grosseteste]
Unofficial Saint
Sara Coleridge
[School Stories of Talbot Baines Reed]
Talbot Baines Reed
Seven Ivory Balls
Sphinx and Richard Brown, The

Squirrel for My Own, A
Story of a Little Land
Bible Coronations
Thistledown Tony
Throne of the Lilies
  [Boy from Brittany]
[Through the Bright Silences]
Female Fossilist
To the City of Gold
Topical Prize Poem
Trotter, Lilias I.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Unofficial Saint
Robert Grosseteste
Violet for Christopher
[Welcome, Santza]
Little Girl in Red
Whole Art of Advertisement
Wild Traherne Moor
[Wyverne Chronicle]
Quicksilver (Chronicle)
Young Elizabeth Green

The Blue Book

All Because of Sixpence
Always a Tramp
Big Ship for Mike, A
  [The Sea Queen]
[Breton Holiday]
The House of the Lace-Makers
Christian Home
Christmas Weather-Birds, The
Cockleshell Garden
  [Pleasaunce of Cockleshells]
Curry and Jelabees
Dearest Joe
Drifting Sands, The
East Anglian Composer
Enchanted Wood, The
  [Memoirs of Jack Chelwood]

Fairy Cousins
Flowers for the Vicarage
Garden of Cockleshells
  [Pleasaunce of Cockleshells]
Hobby by Proxy
House of the Lace-Makers
  [Breton Holiday]
I Must Read Them Again
In Apple Alley
In the Magic Mirror
Jack Chelwood, Memoirs of
Jacintha at College
Jacqueline from Normandy
  [Rebel Jacqueline]
Jewel Children, The
Joric and the Dragon

Magic in My Shoes
Magpies' Walk
Many Happy Returns
Memoirs of Jack Chelwood
Mental Rearmament
Monster of Loch Grea
Moon Children, The
Mr. Gaul's Party
New Home for Mike, Ae
One Crowded Hour
One Leaf on the Track
Painless Ordeal: Eleven Plus without Tears
[Pleasaunce of Cockleshells]
Cockleshell Garden
Garden of Cockleshells
Please Buy My Pearls

[Quicksilver (Chronicle)]
Quicksilver's Quest
Rainbow Castle
Reb and the Redcoats, The
[Rebel Jacqueline]
Jacqueline from Normandy
Royal Caravan, The
School Sampler, The
Scotch Society, The
[Sea Queen]
A Big Ship for Mike
Sea Urchins, The
Silver Whistle
Sphinx and Richard Brown, The
Trotter, Lilias I.
White Kitling, The