Constance Savery:Green Memorandum Book CWS

Green Memorandum Book

By 1938 Savery realized that she needed to keep track of individual manuscripts so she would know which had gone to what publisher, when it was mailed, and when it was sold or returned. Rather than clutter the work diary with these data, which were soon outdated, she began to record them in small manuscript books. Four of these books survive, and they provide an invaluable record of what went where and when.

Some stories were sold to the first publisher selected, and those records are very short. Other records are long, indeed, and were continued in the logs that followed, identified by their cover colors: tan, blue, and red.

The original memoranda are in the Knight Library at the University of Oregon. I also provided them with an indexed digital facsimile, reduced so that each page of the facsimile holds four pages from the original book. I retained one of these facsimiles for my own use, and I donated another to the de Grummond Children's Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Here are the works and persons listed in the green memorandum book. Publishers and periodicals are not listed. As an aid in identifying individual items, Savery titles are in bold italics, and other titles are in italics. When a title changed during the process of composition, when it was published, for a subsequent edition, or in translation, the other title is indented. The title in brackets is either the one under which it was first published, or, if unpublished, the author's final choice. Names are listed by surname, so Lilias S. Trotter, for example, is listed under T as Trotter, Lilias S.
The Green Book

Abandoned Garden
Adventures of Chrys
Ah, Did You Once--?
Alphabet Children
Always a Tramp
American Books and a British Child
  [Your Books in Britain]
And Charlotte Yonge
Return of Charlotte Yonge
Angel Feathers
Anomalous Prize, The
Another Chapter
Aunt Mandy's House
Awake, awake, O France...
Bad Brother Bill
Be-Rhyming Patrick
Best Place for Homework, The
Bible Coronations
Bird (Bishop), Isabella
Bishop Guy Bullen
Blue Fields
Book by Fifty Authors
Books for (the) Black-Outs
Boy [Girl] with Purple Hair, The
Bring O Bring Us the Light
  [She Went Alone]
Bullen, Guy
Burney, Fanny
Butterscotch Pie
Candle Saint
  [Henry Vaughan]
Charity's Chronicle
  [Redhead at School]
Charles Writes His Life
Charlotte Yonge's Novels
[Cherry-Tree Cottage]
How She Met Herself
The Cottage
China Squirrel
Clock House under the Sea, The
Clock that Struck Thirteen
Clocks that Could Not Tick, The
Conduct and Carriage in Society
Coral Sea
Cottage, The
  [Cherry-Tree Cottage]
Crimson Rose
Dark House on the Moss
Dark Trees
Dearest Mrs. Delany
Delany, Mary

[Death Comes to the Dragons]
Dragons to Drive You
Don't Make Faces
Dragons to Drive You
  [Death Comes to the Dragons]
Easter Bells
[Enemy Brothers]
  Russian translation
The Sword Chrysaor
Evan's Enemy Fred
Experiment in Co-operation
Fairy Cousins
Fairy Disorder
Fairy Shoe Shop, The
Family Saint
Fanny Burney
Fine Cathay
Firm Foundation Stands, The
Fishy Folk
French Vow, The
Frost Flowers
Gather the Goldenheads
Girl with Purple Hair, The
Good Dog Porridge
Good Ship Red Lily, The
Glory de George
[Golden Rosebuds]
Tell Me a Story
Great Uncle Griffin Comes to Stay
Greedy Gifts
Greek Tea-Party, The
Grosseteste, Robert
Guiding Hand
(Bishop) Guy Bullen
Helpful Elizabeth
Henry Vaughan [Candle Saint]
Hobby by Proxy
Hospital article
Household of Faith
How She Met Herself
  [Cherry-Tree Cottage]
Hunter's Luck
I May Be a Billetee
Isabella Bird (Bishop)
Jacintha at College
Jack Chelwood (Memoirs of)
Jewel Children, The
Ladders to Heaven
Little Arthur's History
  [Little Arthur]

Little Brief Authority, A
Little Dragon and the Will o' the Wisp
Little Dragon Hunts for Treasure
Little Dragon's Musical Box
Little Gypsy, The
Lesson on the Virginals, A
Luxury Spending
Mad Max Madd
Magic Hoop, The
Magic Pebble(s), The
Mary and the Monsters
Meg and Dandaree
  [Meg Plays Fair]
Mink, Puffball, & Spoon
Mink and His House
Monster of Loch Crea, The
Naughty (Little) Elf, The
New Home for Mike
Nonie, Olive & the Goldfish
Now Then
O Rose of June O Rose
One Crowded Hour
One Leaf on the Track
Orange, The
Orange Flowers
Oranjorica Treasure, The
Over Moonless Seas
Pancake Corner
  [Tom Tiddler's Ground]
Paul the Inventor
Pigeon's Party (The)
Pixie Pat
Pleasaunce of Cockleshells
Primrose Cottage
Polite Letter-Writer, The
Preparations for a House-Party
Puffball and Spoon
Question, The
Quicksilver ('s Quest)
Rainbow Ball, The
Rainbow Castle
Ramblin' Along
&spem; [The Rector in Council]
[Redhead at School]
Charity's Chronicle
Rescue under Fire
Return of C[harlotte] Yonge
  [And Charlotte Yonge]

Rhymes for the Tinies
Sally Goes House-Hunting
Scarlet Plume
School Museum, The
School Sampler, The
Scotch Society, The
Sea Magic
Service without Medal
Seven Sly Shrimps
Silver Whistle
Silvergreen & Cross Crab
Sir Dominic's Scapegrace
(Some) Small Pink Books
Sonnet: Awake, awake, O France...
Spinner's Harvest
Sphinx and Richard Brown, The
Spray of Pink Daphne, A
Such Store of Flowers
Suffolk Epitaphs
Sword Chrysaor, The
  [Enemy Brothers]
Tale of Twelve O'Clock
Tell Me a Story
  [Golden Rosebuds]
There Are Hundreds of Sunbeams
Thomas's Green Tent
Those Awful Little Rabbits
Three Houses in Beverley Road
Tickative Clock, The
Tim's Menagerie
Tinkle & Twinkle
[Tom Tiddler's Ground
Trotter, Lilias I.
Twins & (the) Peppermill, (The)
Uncles for Sale
Under the Silver Willows
Unorganized Walkers
Up a Winding Stair
V for Victory
Violet for Christopher, A
Wall of Flame, The
Where Diotis Grows
White Cat and the Black (Red) Cushion
Wide, Wide World, The
Wonder Ball
Year Is Springing Green
Yellow Pamments
Your Books in Britain
  [American Books and a British Child]