Constance Savery:Original Work Diary

Savery's Original Work Diary

The original diary was bound in red cloth covers and the flyleaf carries the inscription "C. W. Savery, Dec 28, 1929. From Joan." I have not identified Joan. On two separate occasions Savery classified the contents. Added much later than the first, the entry on the right was on the flyleaf, because there was no other place to put it! Yes, some letters were larger than others.

On a page following the inscription:

On the flyleaf itself, below the inscription:


  Suffolk Dialect
  List of writings (so called)
  List of published "  " writings.
  Amounts earned.
  Times when royalties fall due
Photographs p. 207
N. B. Look in brown letter file (formerly Uncle Serv's) for an account of what rights are still outstanding, if such a list has not been completed in this book.
Work Diary
Contains list of Suffolk words
List of published work (see also brown notebook
Writer's day-by-day diary to the year _________
Some records concerning the Savery family.
See also deed box and letters and memorials in S. S. Servington Savery brown letter-file and in bureau

There are no photographs on page 207 or elsewhere.

The original diary is in fragile condition. Fortunately, every page was scanned when the digital copy was made, so it will only be necessary to consult the original volume on rare occasions. The diary is in the manuscript collection of the Knight Library at the University of Oregon.

For the contents of the diary, see the annotation of the digital facsimile