Letters to and from Victory Press CWS

Letters to and from Victory Press

Victory Press, Clapham Crescent, Clapham Park, London. 20 Mar 46. We are pleased to accept Blue Fields, but prefer paying you royalties to purchasing the British rights outright. Would also like to see a manuscript for Up a Winding Stair currently running as a serial in YOU AND I.

--- ibid. 28 Mar 46. Re: Contract enclosed for Blue Fields; still hope to see Up a Winding Stair.

To --- ibid. 28 Mar 46. Re: Clause about "next literary work" must exempt serial being considered by an American publisher. Not sure of copyright status of verse from hymn in Blue Fields.

--- ibid. 1 Apr 46. Re: Cannot predict when book will be published due to inadequate labour and a paper and book-cloth shortage. Your points about the contract will not be a problem.

To --- ibid. 11 Apr 46. Re: Enclosing manuscript for Up a Winding Stair. Wish to retain ownership of verses beginning I met by life's highway...

--- ibid. 14 Jan 47. Re: sending you galley proofs of Blue Fields; return as soon as possible.

To --- ibid. 17 Jan 47. Re: Have not heard from you about Up a Winding Stair.

--- ibid. 24 Jan 47. Re: Corrected proofs of Blue Fields received; can now offer same royalties for Up a Winding Stair. Cannot produce it this year, I am afraid.

To --- ibid. 25 Jan 47. Re: I have too many American commitments to promise to submit my next work to Victory Press and ask that that clause be dropped from contract for Up a Winding Stair. The printed copies of Blue Fields are very satisfactory.

--- ibid. 6 Feb 47. Re: Enclosing agreements for Up a Winding Stair. Cannot accept another book from you that was previously published as a serial.

--- ibid. 17 Jan 47. Re: Blue Fields is going very well indeed.

--- ibid. 4 Oct 48. Re: Returning proofs for Up a Winding Stair. Could you provide chapter titles?

--- ibid. 10 Oct 49. Re: You offer us Rainbow Castle and Spinner's Harvest, but the former is running as a serial and we do not have a market for short stories. Have you anything new to offer us?

I do not believe that Spinner's Harvest was ever published. There is a typescript with its final title, God's Own Field.

--- ibid. 27 Mar 50. Re: Have received Scarlet Plume and sent it on to our readers.

--- ibid. 18 Aug 50. Re: Thank you for information about Mrs. H.W. Schumann's broadcast in South Africa.

According to Savery's work diary, Mrs. Schumann wrote her for information that might be broadcast on the South African's "Women's Hour."

--- ibid. 18 Jun 51. Re: Will be pleased to accept Scarlet Plume "provided that you can introduce a little more clearly the Gospel message."

--- ibid. 6 Jul 51. Re: We have your letter and manuscript, but the editor is on holiday for the next two weeks.

--- ibid. 23 Jul 51. Re: Scarlet Plume, as revised, is satisfactory. We note you have sent us another manuscript, but we are heavily booked at the moment.

--- ibid. 6 Dec 51. Re: Your royalty agreement was misfiled; enclosing new agreement in duplicate.

To --- ibid. 7 Dec 51. Re: Cannot agree to submit next work to Victory Press; will need some other income before 1954. Am sending you missionary biography to consider.

--- ibid. 10 Dec 51. Re: You may strike the "next work" clause. Unlikely we can use biography of Lilias Trotter, but send it if you like.

To --- ibid. 13 Dec 51. Re: Have cancelled clause and am sending biography.

--- ibid. 19 Dec 51. Re: Royalty agreement received.

--- ibid. 26 Sep 55. Re: Acknowledge receipt of The Monster of Loch Grea, Seven Ivory Balls, The Joy Bells, A Squirrel for My Own, The Holiday at Tawnysands, and Another Blue Day.

None of these titles were ever published.

--- ibid., Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne, Sussex. April 67. Re: Cover letter for royalty payment.

NOTE: Victory Press published four books by Savery.