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Notes from the Pastors

December 14, 2017

When this page is out of date, blame web manager Eric Schonblom, not the pastors.

As Christmas falls fast upon us, Pastor Tom and I would like to thank you for believing in and trusting and helping us in these past ten years of ministry. We can't believe the time has gone by so quickly, and we celebrate those times!

We would like to welcome back on to the Session, Joy Stamper, Monroe Riley, and Bill Napier. We look forward to working with you. We would be remiss though, if we did not say a big "thank you" to Valerie Hamblin and Mary Louise Tzanetos for giving their time and talent these past few years as Elders. Once an Elder, always an Elder, and how blessed we are that our Session thrives in a time when other churches are struggling in filling their vacant seats.

"Thank you" doesn't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for my two-month sabbatical. It gave me time away for family, reflection, and renewal of spirit. The time, although going way too quickly, brings me back to my church family and community that I love.

The Deacons' work these past few months has been so welcome and needed, and they have picked up and done an awesome job! We are anticipating a good crowd for Saturday, December 16th, when the community is invited not only to our last yummy bake sale for the year, but to warm their spirits and bodies by coming to meet Santa, along with some hot cocoa and cookies. The gifts that will be provided to the community children and to the children's center children were given by Owsley County Outreach, which has closed their doors, but wanted to give what they had to another organization with need. Thankfully, they thought of us. In saying that, we also have been blessed by Christ Cares Ministries, located in Wood River, Illinois, that will be bringing food to our church each month and helping us with our mission store needs. On December 8th, Brother Stone (from the organization) brought some gifts for the community as well. Those gifts were given to the Family Resource Center for school children at Buckhorn, who would otherwise not get anything for Christmas, to be able to have something to open.

May the Holy Spirit fall upon you, like a falling star, trailing across the dawns and dusks of your advent living this year. May the Spirit mark you with light and point the way for you, toward God-With-Us. Be patient, draw close, for the Lord is very near. Please take an extra few minutes and be generous in your prayers for others and their well-being during this Advent and Christmas Season.

Respectfully submitted,    

Tom & Gayle